About Burp Cloth Factory

It all started around 22 years ago when my first child was born. I never really liked the regular conventional burp cloths that can be bought at the store, because they seemed boring, too impersonal, and most of the time too small. They just weren't fancy enough for me!

That's when I decided to re-invent this very useful product, burp cloths.

First I started experimenting with a wide variety of different materials. My first child was the "model", and we both had so much fun! Once I had narrowed the fabrics down to a specific one, I began coloring it with every possible dye I could find.

In this process I also discovered that, in addition to just looking great, certain colors have a certain effect on children. For example: blue colors tend to be calming, red colors tend to be energizing, green colors tend to be balancing, and yellow colors tend to lift spirits. Besides that, my child was always "in style" and people adored the look and texture of my burp cloths. To personalize the burp cloths even more, I started embroidering fancy kid's designs onto it and sometimes even added my child's name or a short phrase. That's how my product, "Nuschel ®," was born.

In the meantime, I became a Mom of three, and developed a huge variety of colored burp clothes, with and without embroidered designs. Along with using them as regular burp cloths, I tied them very loosely and gently around my children's necks to avoid saliva from getting all over their clothes and being wet on their chests while crawling around.

This also helped cut down on laundry. My youngest son used to sleep with his favorite Nuschel ® every single night as if it was his Teddy Bear. In the summer time we even wore Nuschels ® as Bandanna's around the forehead. They are absolutely fancy and convenient in so many ways!

My children had so much fun with wearing Nuschels ® and always showed up very proud. They loved Mama's invention so much that, even after growing into adults, they still use them now and then for all kinds of different purposes.

Over the years I started gifting Nuschels ® when friends married or had a Baby Shower. I received a lot of compliments for the stylish, beautiful look and versatile uses. The response and demand for my product was incredible.

Then five years ago I moved from Switzerland to the US and everything started all over again. While having friends with twins over at our house for dinner, I grabbed one of the Nuschels ® to help them out with their regular burp cloths and they immediately urged me to sell them to the public. That is when I finally realized there is serious business behind my product.

The Burp Cloth Factory is a family run business, and each and every one of our Products is handmade with love and care. I sincerely hope you enjoy our variety of Nuschels ® as much as the Burp Cloth Factory Team does!